About Us

Who We Are

Pfeffer Torode Architecture is dedicated to providing thoughtful design solutions responding to project specific aspirations. We strive to maintain a varied portfolio including residential, commercial, and community projects at any given time, but bound together by a common, constant commitment to quality design and dedicated service. We believe pursuing different project types and scales keeps our design process honed for project specific analysis, informed about a broad array of construction details and methods, and ultimately offers each and every client the best possible product for their specific project.

Our Story

We approach our work from a studio format, which is to say an environment of collaboration, open communication, and constructive critical thought between all team members. The design team represents a group of talented professionals with an extensive, though varied, background within the architectural profession. Each team member is skilled in all aspects of design and documentation and maintains a working knowledge of all of the projects in the studio at any given time. Though the input of the entire team will be incorporated into every project, each project receives a dedicated leader coordinating the project team from beginning to end and assuring a continuity of design and information for the duration of the project. Creating a collective culture of attentive design with a continuous commitment to service produces significant projects and satisfied clients, and sustains the continued growth and success of Pfeffer Torode Architecture.

Project Managers and Designers

Finance and Administration

Nashville Office: 615 667 0808 | info@pfeffertorode.com | Montgomery Office: 334 513 1976