Malin Hill

Born and raised in Demopolis, Alabama, Malin graduated from Auburn University College of Architecture, Design, and Construction with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. During her time at Auburn she participated in the Rural Studio, a design-build architecture studio run by the University which aims to teach students about the social responsibilities of the profession while providing safe, well-constructed homes and buildings for poor communities in rural West Alabama.  After her third year, she spent a year traveling through Africa and Southeast Asia and in the later part of the year, did an Internship with COX Architecture in Beijing, China. After graduation, she worked with BCV Architects in San Francisco, while taking art classes at the Academy of Art.

Inspired by the nostalgia and beauty of the South (and missing her family), Malin returned to Alabama in 2013, joining PfefferTorode’s Montgomery office. She presently resides there with husband, Wilbur, and their two dogs Holstein and Luna.  When not pondering the mysteries of the universe, you can find her taking evening walks with Wilbur under the oaks of Cloverdale.  Malin also enjoys painting, reading up on food justice issues, and volunteering on community design build projects in the area.

Her newest title is “new mom.” Malin and her husband welcomed baby Wilbur Sensing Hill, Jr. in October and are settling in to life as a family of three…well, five, counting pups Holstein and Luna!

Contact Malin:     334.513.1976 Ext. 1730

Nashville Office: 615 667 0808 | | Montgomery Office: 334 513 1976