Four Square Rejuvenation

Four Square Rejuvenation


Nashville, Tennessee

What happens when talented movers-and shakers get their hands on a run-down Four Square in the heart of Nashville's historic Belmont-Hillsboro district? Interior transformation.

This 3-story home was first listed in the Nashville City Directory in July of 1918. Oddly enough, Oakland has been owned 59 of its 99 years by female owners. The house had been "burdened" and built over for years. Working very carefully with the architects, builder, Brian Shaffer and interior designer April Tomlin, the owners were able to unearth and re-create the home in ways most could only imagine, all the while keeping close tabs on its architectural heritage.

In the process, a prohibition era Jack Daniels bottle was found within one of the walls. An amber glass pint bottle with a green label and cork still included was quite a treasure and is currently displayed under a cloche in their bar. Based on the number of award medals on the label, the bottle is definitely original to the construction of the house. Although the process was long and painstaking, the property is "100 Proof" success!