Don Torode

Don Torode, a native of Montgomery, Alabama, earned his Bachelor of Science in Art from Huntingdon College. He quickly put his degree to practice in the fields of art education and architecture and established himself as a master drafter. As a project designer and manager, Don has overseen the design and construction administration of projects ranging from small budgets to projects in excess of thirty million dollars. His experience in both small and large firms has equipped Don with a variety of project types including residential, hospital, educational, municipal, military, office, manufacturing and religious projects. Don is licensed in the State of Alabama and has more than forty years of industry experience.

An artist at heart, Don enjoys drawing, painting and photography.  He is also an avid book collector…so much that he recently renovated his home to include a library for his ever burgeoning collection.

Although he has experienced success on many levels, Don’s most successful “project” (with the help of his wife Linda), was raising five children.  Following in their dad’s footsteps are two very talented sons, Scott and Jonathan, who actually share partnership in the firm.  Don is also the proud “Papa” of 16 grandchildren!     334.513.1976 Ext. 2850

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