The Wash

Nashville, Tennessee

The Wash is a pioneering micro stall food hall featuring five minority owned and operated businesses. The site for the project rests at the crest of hill with its main frontage on Gallatin Avenue, the primary commercial corridor in the East Nashville. The site makes up part of the border and acts as a gateway to the historic Eastwood Neighbors community beyond. While the former car wash, non-functional for nearly a decade, acted as barrier between the neighborhood and the highly trafficked commercial space, the new design encourages the flow of people and ideas between neighbors, businesses, and community. A driving goal of the project was to lower the bar of entry for local entrepreneurs and those entering the food and beverage space for the first time. By developing 6 kitchens simultaneously, leveraging buying power and amortizing the cost over multiple units, the team was able to reduce standard equipment, Vendor and MEP costs to 1/6th of the average for 1st generation restaurant space.


Nashville, Tennessee



Lot Acres

0.22 acres

Building Area

3,090 sf