Common House III

Chattanooga, Tennessee

There are places in our life that define us, that have an unmistakable and permanent part in our stories; where the traces of our soul can be seen in the hallways, windows, and archways. For those who call Chattanooga home, the Industrial Y has played that defining role for many years.
Our priority was to understand the impression this building made on those who once called it home. We spent much of our time walking the halls, studying the drawings, and getting a sense for the stories that once lived there. As we discovered the layers of history within those spaces, we began to instinctively weave that story into the Common House fabric in a way that was authentic to the nature of the building, and the vision of Common House.


Chattanooga, Tennessee



Lot Acres

0.77 acres

Building Area

34,000 sf



Interior Design

Studio Boca